Traveling in 2022  

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Covid is still a problem, but it seems most countries have gotten it under control. Vietnam is still struggling, but I think they will end up rebound soon. To which, I hope I can travel to Vietnam in 2022. If not, 2023 would be the year for sure. 

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With the recent news from South Africa and travel bans amping up again, I have a feeling a lot more of a mess is coming before it actually gets better for good. I feel like the virus is not going anywhere so we need to accept it and move on. If you are high risk, protect yourself. Let everyone else get back to life.

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I am not sure how things will end up looking in the beginning of the year. I am always worried about new variants coming out and canceling my plans. I don't want to lose money because of it so I am pretty hesitant on traveling still. 

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I didn't know anything about traveling to Vietnam. However, if you plan to travel then you need to keep your distance from others and use the best precautions to ensure your safety. Hope everything will settle down soon and welcome to Vietnam

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With the new variant Omicron, I don't know if my plans to go to Vietnam next year are scratched. I hope not!


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