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We going to be able...

We going to be able to travel again soon?  

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OMG I can't wait! So far the US seems to be lifting a lot of mask ordinances for those who have been fully vaccinated. I'm hoping to get my vaccine this coming week and I finally should be able to see family soon. 

I'm also hopeful we can travel to Vietnam soon. Do you think things will be fully opened up soon?

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I can't wait too. I think we'll be able to visit Vietnam late this year or next year. They will probably allow people who have been vaccinated already but most likely still have some kind of quarantine period.

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Looks like it'll be any day now that we'll be able to travel. I can't wait either. I need to get out of my area for a while and just see new places. It doesn't even have to be Vietnam right now. I just need a change of scenery. 


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