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What's the cost of ...

What's the cost of living in Vietnam?  

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What would you say it costs to live in Vietnam? What would it cost to rent a place? What about purchase a home? I think it would be very cool to move to Vietnam, but I'd like to know what the cost of living would be. Is it a lot? What should I know? 

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This depends on the person. If you're trying to live the bare minimum in HCMC, there are hostels that go for roughly $3 a day. That's $90 a month for a bed. If you eat 3 times a day you can find street food or meals that locals eat from $1-2. So lets say $6 a day for meals. That's $180.

Total around $270 a month. But then you have to consider entertainment, wifi, etc so lets add an extra $100+. $400 a month should be bare minimum. As a foreigner, I recommend at least $700/month though. It will be cheaper outside of the major cities though.


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@jerry $700 a month is still really good if someone wants to live like that over there. I pay $800+ a month and that's just for rent where I live!


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