Will you go into qu...

Will you go into quarantine when entering Vietnam?  

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I imagine once you get to Vietnam, that you will be forced to sit in quarantine for a while. If so, how long would quarantine be? Would I need to plan for a week or two of waiting? I heard some places make you wait two weeks before you can go anywhere else. Is this true? 

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I think they put you in a brief quarantine to make sure you don't have the virus, then I think they allow you in soon after. I think it's done in most countries to make sure everyone coming in, is tested and cleared if they don't have the virus. 

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Yeah, you should be put into a brief quarantine when entering the country, but once you're tested and cleared you should be free to go on your way. I don't think they hold people for too long. Testing these days has gotten a lot faster. 


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