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Amusement parks in Vietnam  

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So I grew up as a fan of amusement parks, and pretty much forced my parents to take me to one every year, or whenever it was near us. Sometimes we traveled to near states for some. I love the Wisconsin Dells water park. 

Sadly, I never looked into what Vietnam has in terms of amusement parks. Do you guys have any suggestions for amusement parks in Vietnam? 

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I've been to Đại Nam Wonderland with my family/friends. The price was really good. I remember it had a zoo, kid rides, roller coaster, snowtown (indoor snow tubing) and you can borrow a bicycle to get around in there. There were very few guests so we had the whole place to ourselves. No waiting to get on rides.

This was the roller coaster we went on, it was scary because it felt so shaky haha

here is the map of the place, they've added some new things throughout the years. I don't remember the waterpark or racetrack being there.



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@jerryn , Wow , that's impeccable.I've to visit Đại Nam once at least in my life. 

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I can say that there's nothing in which Vietnam's behind , either it's about cinemas, music industry , historical places , beautiful culture , and now amusement parks as well.

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Đại Nam Wonderland reminds me of the wonderland in Ontario, Canada. It looks to be a very fun place to visit!


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