Any holidays just f...

Any holidays just for Vietnam I should know about?  

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Are there any Holidays that are celebrated in Vietnam that I should know about? I want to be respectful to everyone in Vietnam and celebrate as well, but I want to know what holidays there are to celebrate, and ones I shouldn't celebrate. 

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The Vietnamese New Year is one I am familiar with. It takes place in February and lasts an entire week. A lot of people love to celebrate this time of the year. Foreigners are welcome to join in. 

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I guess it's Vietnamese new year, 
one more thing if you dating
with VNmese girl, you should know
Vietnamese Woman's day (03/08) and
give her a greeting or a small gift.
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I think it is Hero King's death anniversary. I affirm that no other country has such a holiday except Vietnam. It is a ceremony to remember the Hung Kings, who have built the country.


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