Any stores in Vietn...

Any stores in Vietnam that specialize in American food?  

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This may sound dumb, but is there any stores/restaurants that specialize in American food? My daughter is a fussy eater, and isn't going to be able to handle a lot of Vietnamese food. So she will probably want anything American. I know she would eat Pizza and most pastas, but Idk if she'd eat much else.

Any places like this in Vietnam? 

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yes, there are many international food chains in Vietnam like KFC, Pizza hut, McDonalds, burger king, Popeyes, Texas chicken, etc. Pasta and pizza is pretty much everywhere now. There are also many small locally owned shops that sell American food. Vietnam has a lot of cafe shops that also have spaghetti and other pastas on their menu. Your best bet would be staying in one of the big cities like HCMC, Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang, etc. where there are expat communities.

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Like Jerry has mentioned, try staying in the bigger cities so that way you have a better variety of options for American fast food chains and such. When do you plan on travelling to Vietnam?


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