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Book stores in Viet...

Book stores in Vietnam, any suggestions?  

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Are there any bookstores in Vietnam worth checking out? I would like to start reading more books from Vietnam. Is there any good bookstores in Vietnam? 

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Oh yeah, there's a few bookstores in Vietnam. A google search shows around 4 or 5 different ones. You're bound to find something good. :) 

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There is a bookstore in Hanoi that I often go to is Ca Chep bookstore. There are many kinds of books for different types of audiences and ages, it has 3 floors and is decorated very creatively, I also have some special memories here, I think you should go there and try it out.

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I would like to recommend EBOOK in Gò Vấp District HCMC. There have a lot kind of book and also there is a cf shop too. They sell many lovely sourvenir that you can buy some 


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