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Cars made in Vietna...

Cars made in Vietnam  

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I grew up with a father who loved cars, and I followed in his tracks in that regard. I would see my dad fix cars, remodel cars, sell cars, the whole nine yards. He had some old cars, like an old 1934 red Ford pickup that I remember vividly wanting when I got older. :D 

I never owned any cars from overseas. Does Vietnam produce its own cars by any chance? I would like to purchase a car made in Vietnam if that is a thing. 

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I hear Suzuki makes cars in Vietnam as well, but I am not sure about any other cars. I imagine Vietnam has their own brand of vehicles around. I just don't know any of them off the top of my head. 

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Vinfast is a made in Vietnam car brand but VN also manufactures cars for foreign brands like Mercedes-Benz.


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