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Do you already have...

Do you already have a home in Vietnam?  

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If you're living in the US or another country, do you happen to have your own home in Vietnam? Maybe you rent it out when you head back to the states. I would love to own my own house in Vietnam one day. That's my dream, to make Vietnam my home. 

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I do not, but I have family who have homes over there. I eventually want to have my own home in Vietnam though. 

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Nope, and I am doubtful I ever will. But, if I can at least travel every once in a while, I will be happy. But, living there would be much better. I don't know if and when that would ever happn. 

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Sadly no, but one day I think I will buy a home there. Knowing me, I might end up renting instead, as I bet I'd be on the go a lot. 

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I do not, and I don't think I ever will. I do hope to travel a lot over there, but I'm not yet sure if I want to live there forever. At least not yet. 


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