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Do you need to buy land in Vietnam to build a home?  

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Just curious, if I were to move outright to Vietnam and was to build a home, would I need to buy any land? Or could I find uninhabited land and possible build there? I know in the US you have to buy the land, then build atop it. But I don't know the full rules in regards to Vietnam and building homes on land. If I have to purchase the land too, then ok, just want to be clear on it. :) 

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Unfortunately you can't purchase land in Vietnam. You can purchase property and put it on land. Land is a national good, so you can only pay to put property on it. You can get a land use right to keep the land for 50 years though, and can renew it after that time. 

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@kylie I thought Vietnam nationals would get preferential treatment but it looks like foreigners and locals both have this 50 years renewal thing. Foreigners can't buy land but could purchase property that must be renewed every 50 years while locals can lease land but must also be renewed every 50 years. What happens if you own both property and the land that it sits on top of?

Ah I'll save the headache and stick to buying property. I think leasing land and building property on top of it will be too much work for me.

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As weird as it sounds, you don't own the land. You are allowed to buy the house, but not the land underneath. You can't even lease the ground, only the house. I wanted to buy a house in Vietnam for renting purposes, but this law doesn't allow me to do things how I wanted. In the end, I decided to invest in real estate in tulum. There you can own the land as well, and it's a good way to make some nice money. Not to mention, many people are going there every year, even with the Covid stuff. It all depends on what your plans are.


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