Does Vietnam have a...

Does Vietnam have a Hollywood type community?  

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I'm referring to Hollywood, like the area itself, where some celebs, actors, and artists live and work. Is there an area similar to Hollywood in Vietnam? Or, is there a movie studio within Vietnam that makes a lot of movies in the area? I'm really curious. 

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I would guess that most Vietnamese celebs live in HCMC or the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi.

As for movie studios, there is one called Studio68 in HCMC which produced some famous movies like "Furie" (on Netflix and premiered in cinemas in the US) and "CÔ BA SÀI GÒN". It's in District 7 of HCMC.

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It seems like Hanoi would be the best guess for their celebs to live in as its the capital and I would say the most popular city in Vietnam.


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