Lunar New Year: Vie...

Lunar New Year: Vietnam celebrates the Year of the Cat instead of rabbit  

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I am all for this as a cat lover LOL

I never knew there was a difference until I was older and looked into it more. I think the Lunar New Year is a more special event personally. 

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Good, cats are better! Did you see the video that went viral of China introducing the Rabbit and the Tiger tried to eat the Rabbit!!? Why would they think that was a good idea!?

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Is the year different compared to the Chinese New Year calendar? I never actually looked into this. It would make sense that there are some differences. 

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Here is a short explanation of why: 

Vietnam shares 10 of the Chinese zodiac calendar’s 12 signs, with the differences being the rabbit and the ox, which are replaced in the Vietnamese calendar with the cat and the buffalo.

The diversion is explained by several theories: one grounded in linguistics claims that at some point in history, the Chinese word for rabbit, “mao,” was misinterpreted as “meo,” the Vietnamese word for cat.

There are different theories but that about sums things up. 


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