US investors promis...

US investors promise to invest $6 billion to bring Disneyland to Saigon  

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US investors have promised to pour 6 billion USD of capital and a Disneyland theme park in the city’s international financial center project, according to Mr. Jonathan Hanh Nguyen, Chairman of the Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG).

It's still in the proposal phase but this would boost Vietnam's economy and international tourism even more.


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This is nuts! I wonder how they are able to promise this. A friend of mine who is from the US said that maybe they are looking to expand a lot of what they have in preparation for when the USD tanks. Who knows. 

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US is trying to find a new financial hub in Asia knowing very well that China has its grip on Hong Kong. I think HCMC will become the next hub. It just makes perfect sense as it's a fast growing country that is friendly to the US and safe from China's grip.

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It amazes me that the US can have so many financial issues as a whole but still have 6 billion to do something like this. I guess they want to try and gain as much ground as possible for their businesses.

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honestly I think it won't work out. I don't know how to explain my thoughts. But it's good news anyway.


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