Vietnam to launch C...

Vietnam to launch COVID-19 vaccination drive on Monday  

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To those living in Vietnam right now, you can get your vaccination on Monday by reading the above link. Are you ready for the vaccine? I haven't gotten mine yet here in the states, and I don't know how long it'll be until I do. 

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No, I was advised not to get it because of my medical history. There are 4 others in my family that were not able to get them either. I had 3 different doctors told me it was too high risk for my age and with my history. It has basically kept me from traveling at this point. 

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Are you not getting it out of choice? I certainly can't blame you. I had to get mine to travel and for work. I got the original ones but I am not getting any boosters. Not after the data came out showing how ineffective they are. 

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I have been vaccinated. I am not too concerned over it. I am assuming I do not need to get reboosted every few months to travel but I have not looked into it. 

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What are the laws and regulations dealing with vaccines in Vietnam? I never looked into it as I had no plans of traveling during the outbreak. I wanted to wait until everything was cleared up. How many people are vaccinated in Vietnam? Does anyone know? 


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