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What's your favorit...

What's your favorite memory of visiting Vietnam?  

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I have visited Vietnam often in my childhood and still do every few years or so. I'm due for a trip soon. Anyway, what would you say is your favorite memory when visiting Vietnam? I think it was meeting my cousins for the first time when I traveled there the first few times. To realize I have family a world over, was exciting to me. I have many other great memories, but we'd be here all day. :D 

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Same. The way my family treated me like family even though it was my first time visiting. Had a lot of fun going out. I really like Vietnam because when I'm in the US it's like I'm at home all the time hiding like a hermit crab. But when I'm in Vietnam, I break free.

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Well the only time I went, I remember visiting an old aunt there. She was awesome, really funny. Sadly she passed away a few years ago. We got to meet her, so that was great. I'd say that's my favorite memory. 

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I'd have to say everything. Vietnam is such a lavish and beautiful place, the people, the culture, the sights and the atmosphere in general is fantastic. Also, meeting new people and finding family is a nice thing too. 

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tum hi ho Love  

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Well, for me, it's hands down seeing family. I also loved meeting new people while there. Sadly, I only got to go once. 


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