A song on Covid-19 ...

A song on Covid-19 precautions has been released in Vietnam which goes by the title of "Vietnam oi – Vung tin" or Vietnam - Be Confident.  

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Music video on self-protection against COVID-19 debuts hinh anh 1


As a tribute to all the doctors , nurses , and patients, this song was released by the health ministry of Vietnam in order to spread awareness as well. This song was made by as much as 150 people which includes doctors, singers , and businessmen. It was also a 'Thank You' response to those who helped to fight against this contagious disease.

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There's also Ghen Co Vy (Washing Hands song) that became viral

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That is a nice and inspiring initiative by the Vietnamese health ministry. I hope and pray that may God save us from this bizzare pandemic.

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That's a good thing they did and it looked like they had fun making the song. Yes God is in control of all of this. It's good they are raising awareness but is it enough?


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