How do vietnamese a...

How do vietnamese artists make money?  

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Cd sales are not huge in Vietnam, so how?

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Vpop artists make most of their money through product placements, live shows, appearances in tv shows and youtube/social media posts.

Some brands promoted in music videos are: tiki, lazada, shopee, tiktok, samsung, oppo, realme and vinfast.

As for live shows, the idols can ask for $1,000-10,000 per event at concerts, clubs, malls or weddings. Top artists can ask for a lot more especially for huge events during Tet festival or new years.

Some idols who have a big following like 1-5 million or more on Instagram or FB could have sponsored posts that can earn them hundreds to thousands of dollars per post.

There are also artists who sign with labels giving them a guaranteed income.

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It's possible they take side gigs too like being a waitress or porn star.

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Like any artists in the US, by spotify and streaming services like it. Streaming, YouTube, and more helps. As well, doing cross-promo, working with other artists, and more. Oh and someone mentioned Tik-Tok, which is huge in drawing interest to new music. 


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