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Is there a place in...

Is there a place in Vietnam to meet celebs?  

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I would love to meet more celebs from Vietnam, are there any places I can go to meet celebs? And if so, where would I go? Has anyone here met any famous people this way? 

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There's a good chance you can meet a celeb at any given night @ 1900 nightclub in Hanoi. All the big names have performed there. I haven't been there personally but it's on my wish list.

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Nice! When I travel out there again, I'll for sure check that place out. I never really thought much about meeting any celebs, but I suppose when i'm there, it may be a lot easier than I thought. 

My intention isn't to meet celebs when I ever get to travel, but it certainly doesn't hurt. :)

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Yah! I agree. Celeb Night is the best way to meet celebs.


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