The Story Behind "D...

The Story Behind "Don't Break My Heart", a New Song by Binz  

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On March 10th, 2022, Binz released a video called “The Story" with a length of 4 minutes. It revolves around sharing a love that is also the inspiration for “Don't Break My Heart". This is a new product that was launched on March 14th.

Before becoming an internationally famous rapper, Binz studied painting and graduated from Fine Art at RMIT Melbourne University (Australia). After that, he studied Interior Design at The Art Institute (USA).…

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Wow I thought it's a music video but don't have music at all, but his words are really really nice and teach me a lot

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@arian this was like a teaser, there is a music video here:

Not sure if I like this song, it's different from his previous style.

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I love hearing the story behind this. I knew he was into art but I had no idea it went this deep. I feel like this is something he probably goes to for stress relief and inspiration in his music. 

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Does he have a place where we can actually see some of his work? I love to follow new artists (painters) on socials or just on their own sites. I would love to see some of what he has made!


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