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Vpop and Kpop Idols Introduce Vietnamese and Korean Cuisine in “An Di Roi Ke” (Delicious Drama Tour) Program  

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Vietnam is referred to as one of the paradises of food. It is also one of the most fascinating parts of the country’s culture. (source: afamily.vn) Wonderfully, some Vietnamese artists will introduce some of Vietnam’s favorite dishes to Korean artists and vice versa in the “Ăn Đi Rồi Kể” (Delicious Drama Tour) program. (source: afamily.vn) MC Đại Nghĩa, singer Trịnh Thăng Bình, and actress Diệu Nhi will take part in the program with Korean artists…

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I love it! I want to try so many different types of Vietnamese food, I haven't had a lot of Korean cuisine though, but I'm always open to trying something new! :) 


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