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Vpop is becoming re...

Vpop is becoming repetetive and zero creativety  

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It's the same sound 99% of the recent releases. Ballad and sad story video plot with predictable outcome. The only time Vpop makes something different, it's another slapstick humor video that is cringey. At least cringey for a viet kieu like me. Son Tung M-TP is the only one I respect the most because he tries to make something different. 

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The newer stuff is very much similar to a lot of other newer tracks. I think this happens with all pop music eventually. Think of how pop is in other countries. You will see at one point it all sounded the same. 

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I agree with Fresh on that pop ends up this way once people realize what sells. I think there are still a lot of great newer tracks but it isn't as good as when it first started.


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