NewsBehind the Scenes of “BIGCITYBOI” – Binz and Touliver’s Hot Trending MV

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Over two days after releasing MV “BIGCITYBOI”, Binz and Touliver officially revealed some behind the scenes of this MV. To get a high-quality product, the production crew had to work hard and prepared everything carefully.

They had to wake up early and set up backdrops for a long time. Notably, there is a backdrop in this MV they had to prepare within two hours, but they recorded it just within twenty seconds.

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(Binz announcement on Facebook)

However, the production crew always smiled and kept the maximum energy to complete the plans and to have the most splendid scenes.

binz bigcityboi touliver behind the scenes


After watching this video, the audience can know what difficulties the artists must undergo to produce engaging music videos for the audience. Thanks to this sharing, maybe the audience will have a higher appreciate for the artists as well as their production crews and will have more respect for the dedication of the artists. The official MV of “BIGCITYBOI” has gained over 19 million views on YouTube after two weeks.

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Behind The Scenes BIGCITYBOI:

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