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Triều Đại Tây Sơn / Tay Son Dynasty - First Trailer  

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25 June 2023

Triều Đại Tây Sơn - Trailer


Triều Đại Tây Sơn / Tay Son Dynasty is a Vietnamese indie free-to-play multiplayer action combat role-playing game developed by SH Studio. The game is set in the period of Đại Việt during the wars of the Tây Sơn dynasty. Tây Sơn dynasty is the dynasty that existed for a very short time (1778 AD to 1802 AD). However, the Tây Sơn is one of the dynasties that left the most marks in the process of preserving and protecting the country of Vietnam. The victories of the Tây Sơn army highlighted the intelligence, bravery and patriotism of the Vietnamese people in a clear way. By participating in the game, players will immerse themselves in the fierce battlefield atmosphere, with fire and smoke from the upheavals of this period.


There are 4 character classes for players to choose from. Each character class uses different skills and weapons, including long swords, glaives, skills, and magic. Players can fight in the individual arena or team up with others. Especially, the "Protect Commander" game mode promises to create exciting and thrilling situations with the participation of artillery, elephants, kite fire, etc. In addition, our studio also brings into the game many costumes and items that are familiar to the Vietnamese people. Finally, there is no equipment enhancement system to ensure fairness and emphasize the player's ability.

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