Backpack or messeng...

Backpack or messenger bags?  

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When it comes to traveling with some extra items be it tablets, laptops, or just larger items like books - do you prefer to use one of those side-hanging/over the shoulder messenger bags or do you like to use a backpack? I haven't used a backpack in years and recently got a new one and I am in love with it. It has even replaced my purse!

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I like both for different reasons and actually use both. I will say I am more partial to using a backpack however as it is easier to manage and not have issues with whilst on a bike. Either way, I do like them both. 

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I use bags/purses more than anything but if I am traveling I will use a large backpack as a carry-on so I guess that would be my choice. I only use a backpack 3 or 4 times a year though. 

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I don't like backpacks. Likely because I find them to be bothersome to my neck. I would rather use an oversized purse/handbag or a messenger back. So for me, I prefer messenger bags. 


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