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Bamboo or Cotton - Which is the better fabric?  

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I have had mostly cotton or cotton blend items my whole life but I recently got some bamboo socks and bed sheets and I am in love! I sweat easily and I feel like the socks keep me cooler and I am able to sleep better at night in bamboo sheets. Not sure how clothing is but if it is anything like the socks, I want some pants and shirts made from bamboo!

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I don't go out of my way to buy a specific fabric. Whatever feels nice, I just go with that. I am not sure if I even own anything bamboo. There is a good chance I do. I will have to check some tags and see if I can notice a difference between this and cotton.

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I find that thin cotton is better than bamboo in terms of keeping cool but bamboo when compared to thicker cotton is a lot more comfortable so I guess it depends. I say to just go with what works best for you!

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Cotton for me. I think it is stronger and lasts longer. I do like bamboo when it is blended with other fabrics but it never seems to hold up even with cotton blended in. 


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