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Describe your typical day  

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I have a really simple daily routine.

I wake up at 6:30, drink my coffee and check the news on my phone while I brush my teeth. Then I take a shower and get dressed, and I'm out the door by 7:00 to catch the bus.

I get to work at 8:00, where I spend most of my time talking to people and answering emails. At 10:00 we have a morning meeting, where we discuss any issues or problems that we're facing in our department. Then I go back to work until lunchtime, when I go out for lunch with some coworkers. After lunch, we usually have another meeting where we discuss what happened during the day so far and then we go back to work until 5:00 or 5:30.

After work, I head home and relax for an hour. Then I have dinner and play video games until I decide to go to bed.

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I work at a clinic so my hours aren't always the same. Sometimes I am waking up at 4AM for work, other times I am heading to work after dinner. Outside of work, I always start my mornings with breathing exercises, a 10 minute walk with my dog, and a shower or wash-up. In the winter months I shower every other day as my skin is prone to drying so I just have a wash by the sink. I will eat breakfast after that and then either head to work or do whatever needs to be done for the day. When I am not working, I wake up around 8AM. 

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I don't drink coffee or anything like that. I will drink caffeine free white or green tea but not daily. I try to avoid caffeine so I don't rely on it. I wake up and have a wash, get dressed, and then sort out my day. If I am working, I prepare for work. If I am off that say, I will plan for shopping or other things. I shower in the evening before getting into bed. I don't like to go into my bed dirty. I know it sounds opposite of what most people do but I prefer it this way.

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My daily routine outside of washing and brushing my teeth changes from day to day depending on work and what I have going on. I don't even eat every morning as I am too busy and often will wait until lunch. 

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First thing I do is wake up is empty my bladder, brush my teeth, and shower. If I am going to make breakfast, I do this after that. If not, I will either make coffee or tea to take with me. If I am going to work, I typically have about 40 minutes at this point to do what I have to around my apartment. Sometimes I will get breakfast on the way to work. After work, I will prepare dinner, tidy things up if I have not already, and wind down for the evening. I will play video games or watch YouTube videos for the rest of the night before going to bed.


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