Do you always order...

Do you always order the same foods when eating out or do you try new things?  

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I am always trying new things. Sometimes it is great, other times I feel as though I had wasted my money but I love the experience of being able to taste as many different meals as I can. Most people I know stick to the things they know they enjoy and seldom will try anything new. How are you with this?

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I'm the type of person who is loyal but loves to explore. If I go to a new restaurant, I will choose something that I think suits my eating preferences. Maybe it takes about 5 times for me to choose the dish I like. And I just used it for years.

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I try a new takeout restaurant maybe once a month because seriously, every time I try a new place it's like 80% disappointment and the delivery takes longer too. I like sticking around my area and restaurants I've already tried multiple times. The further out I go, the longer the delivery times the colder my food gets when it arrives.

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I always get something I know I will like. If I am trying something new, I will pair it with something old that I know I will eat. I don't like to waste food but it has happened! 

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i think nobody wants to repeat the same food again and again. i would love to try new food every single time. and rest depends on my mood Cool  

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I can eat the same few things a million times and never tire of it. I force myself to try new things though or else I would end up missing out. One thing I tend not to stray too far from my comfort zone with is seafood. I only like a few things and I can't bring myself to try anything new. 

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I don't really want to try some new things, I have lot of worries so I just wanna stick to old food kkk but sometimes trying new things is good for experience


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