Do you enjoy 8bit o...

Do you enjoy 8bit or chiptune music?  

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For those who don't know, 8bit-chiptune is music usually made with old gaming hardware, such as gameboys, old gaming consoles and more. 

I enjoy the music because it brings me back to my childhood playing classic video games. Do you guys enjoy this type of music? 

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I actually like it a lot! It is funny because it really isn't about nostalgia or anything for me, I just always loved the way this music sounded. I also listen to general gaming music and video game music remixes. One of my favorite channels on YouTube is GameChops. 

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I like some of it but honestly, at this point, it just feels outdated. Like there are more modern remixes for these songs which I prefer. Nothing wrong with 8-bit, it just isn't for me. 


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