Do you ever feel ba...

Do you ever feel bad for fish?  

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I don't mean fish in general but fish that are kept in tanks and aquariums. I know it might seem silly to me but I have always felt bad for them for the same reason I feel bad for birds kept in cages. They have such little space and it just seems like a sad way to live :(

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I feel bad for birds but not fish. Most fish are content in smaller spaces and live longer and healthier lives. Birds need space, flight, and socialization to be truly happy though.

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@askaboutme Same here. I think birds have it worse. Some fish that are more intelligent will likely not be as happy but so long as you have a big enough tank, they will do just fine. Even a large cage is too small for a bird!

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Yes and no. I eat fish so I really can't look at them and feel bad for them. I am a bit in the middle with it. I can't ever feel the same way about a fish as I do for a cat or a dog. 

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I think when they are in smaller tanks and bowls, it is sad :(

But if they have a lot of room and seem happy, I think they are often safer than they would otherwise be in the wild. 


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