Things you plan on ...

Things you plan on passing down to your kids?  

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Be them lessons, items, or general knowledge - what are some things you plan on passing down to your children?

Being that so many younger people these days do not know how to farm or cook from scratch, I want to make sure my children learn both. I think both are important not only for saving money but being independent. 

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I like this thread idea! I am not sure what I will pass down. I have not really thought about it. I guess this is something to consider. I know for sure, I want to pass down a lot of traditions I grew up with as a child! 

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We have a few items we pass down in our family that mean a lot to use so those for sure.

In terms of holiday traditions, I want to keep those going as well!

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We have a lot of traditions we have done in my family since I was young enough to remember. From holiday celebrations to family recipes. I hope to share it all with my children someday!

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I want to try and save a few things to give them. One thing I held onto, for example, is the key to my bedroom. We lived in a very old house with skeleton keys for the bedroom doors. I held on to mine after we moved.


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