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Do you find that yo...

Do you find that you use your phone or the internet too much?  

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I think we're all pretty addicted to our phones and devices these days. I will say that I fall into that same habit. I use my phone way too much and it causes me a lot of issues. Anyway, do you find that you use your phone or other devices too much? And if so, are you going to try to cut down? I want to try, but idk if I can take long breaks from my phone. Well, I suppose that's the problem as well. 

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The role of smartphones in today's 4.0 era cannot be denied. Smartphones help us communicate, work, study, and play. But the contents on the phone if not controlled will adversely affect thinking. Content that is violent or offensive can make us change our behavior and personality.
You can make a to-do list that has nothing to do with your phone, and whenever you want to check your phone, stop and redirect your focus to your task.
However, you also need to be persistent to limit smartphone use.

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I think using a smartphone daily and often is normal now since we do a whole host of various things on them. However, I think people should limit their time spent on social media platforms. If you don't spend a lot of time on those, you are fine. I tend to only browse those a few times a week.

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I can be on the internet more than I should be some days, I know that. As for my phone, I feel like a bit of an outcast. Most people are glued to them and I find myself forgetting mine on a regular basis lol

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At times, I can be on them more than I should. I noticed a pattern with myself and when I catch myself slacking at home, at work, or just in general with my relationships I will take a break from using the internet for a few days to refresh. 


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