Simple ways to go g...

Simple ways to go green?  

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I want to make some positive changes for the environment but on a smaller, personal scale. I don't have money to invest in solar energy or anything like that. I am just looking for simple suggestions and changes I can do. 

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You can make a switch from plastic to glass. I have done this with everything I could. I buy food items in glass when possible and I only use products that come in glass. You pay more but you can reuse glass and it is way easier to recycle. 

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you can use materials that can be recycled many times like metal, glass, etc. Or you can have a large natural reserve, which can change quickly like bamboo. Types of plastic bottles 1, 5 liters after use, don't throw them away, as you can turn them into cute little potted plants. Use Soap is produced entirely by environmentally friendly technology. With products from many different flavors such as coffee, green tea, lavender, turmeric...

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Just reuse and make use of everything you buy. A friend of mine will go as far as to save clothing tags. She puts tape over them and uses them as gift tags. 


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