Do you have a brigh...

Do you have a bright outlook on the future?  

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I feel like so many people these days don't. A lot of teens and young adults seem to be very depressive, unmotivated and lack any sense of purpose. It is heartbreaking. I see this in my own friend circle. I like to have a bright outlook on life and look forward to so many things but I have very few people to talk about that with.

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I noticed this as well, especially online. It seems like the more someone spends on social media, the more unhappy they are. A friend of mine recently deleted her TikTok account and got off the app. She told me it was making her feel terrible about herself. I try to stay positive as well like you. 

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Most days I do but lately, it has been tough! With covid, people hating each other, war, debts, it is a lot to take in. It helps to keep busy and focus on my plans for the future!

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I think by Covid so many people special young people now don't have a lot motivation for future as before

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I think a lot of people lived a life where they had everything they needed and got so comfortable, that they became bored. I think that is why a lot of younger people are acting out these days and trying to be different using various made-up pronouns, social media trends, fashion, and art. 

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I do. I get stressed and I know many people are struggling but humanity always overcomes the worst of things. I know a lot of history so I have a good outlook.


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