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Do you like celebra...

Do you like celebrating your birthday?  

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Do you happen to enjoy celebrating your birthday? Or are you one who prefers to just call it another day and move on? I'm kinda the latter here, as I sometimes hate birthday parties and celebrations. But it can be fun from time to time, just not every year. What about you?

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Eh, yes and no. Most times I would say yes, but I hate surprises, so if you do a surprise b-day party on me, I will be a bit annoyed. But if it's told to me in advance I'd be okay with it. 

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I do like~ for me it's a special day. I will always celebrate it myself though no one remember mine. But not celebrate a big party, just one birthday cake for me is also enough.

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Yes, but I don't like it being too big of a deal. Just with family, eating good food and drinking.


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