Do you like seafood...

Do you like seafood?  

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I used to eat seafood a lot, until I got food poisoning once and for some reason I couldn't push myself to eat it again. Anyway, I've been thinking of trying it again, and was wondering what your favorite seafood is. What is it?

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I actually don't like it and I am the only one in my social circle who doesn't! There have been times we went out to eat and I had to order sides and make a meal of it because I didn't like the dinner options on the menu! 

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Oh yes. I love all sorts. I am willing to try anything once as well. To me, sea food is some of the healthiest foods you can eat. It is certainly better than eating things like pork and beef. I mainly eat sea food and chicken as my protein sources. No need for anything else!

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I love raw tuna sashimi, crab, lobster and shrimp. But for crabs, they have to be snow crabs. I don't like the crabs that have very hard shells, too difficult to open and eat.

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Im really into seafood!! Especially crab and octopus Love Octopus is very tough and I like that feeling eating it kkk


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