How do you relax?

How do you relax?  

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How do you often relax? I like to relax in a nice comfy lazy boy recliner. I also like to take a nice bath in my big bathtub that I just got. I love it! I'm thinking of hooking up a small tv in the tub area so I can watch tv when I am in the tub. 

What's your method of relaxing? 

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One of my favorite things to do, believe it or not, is take a nap. If I am stressed or tired, I just get my favorite blanket and curl up in bed or on the sofa. If I can't sleep, I will clean. Cleaning is something that has always helped me with stress. 

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When I am by myself and looking to relax, I will make a cup of my favorite tea and just write or sketch in one of my books. I like to do this during a rainstorm, sit outside under some covering and just let my hand do a bit of creative relaxation. 

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For me, colouring is the best way help me escape from negative thoughts 


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