Do you spend more t...

Do you spend more time with family or friends?  

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I have always been somewhat of a family-oriented person. I tend to spend more time with my family than I do with my friends. They do not mind, in fact, many of them will spend time with my family as well. I think it is because my family is pretty close and inviting. Do you spend a lot of time with family or more time with friends? 

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Definitely I prefer to staying with my family. There is nothing is more precious than family for me. Happy  

But I will make a time to balance between time for friends and time for family. 

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I have always been a pretty family-oriented guy but a lot of my family moved to different areas. My immediate family moves when I was around the age of 14. So over the years, I found myself spending more time with friends and less with family. 


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