Do you like small o...

Do you like small or large gatherings?  

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I prefer a smaller gathering myself, mainly because too many people can be a burden on my stress and anxiety. I would rather be around a smaller group, it's more manageable for my brain to handle. But what about you? Can you handle big crowds, or are you like me, more interested in a smaller setting?

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I like smaller ones. I feel like if too many people are around, I just get lost and can't focus on the moment. When it is more intimate and fewer people, you can really focus on what is happening and cherish it. Live in the moment to the fullest extent. If that makes sense.

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I am a high-energy person and actually prefer to be around more people and a more active place. I do like nature but I don't like feeling like I am alone. One of my favorite things to do is go shopping in a crowded place. I can do two of my favorite things... Shop and people watch!


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