Do you find hunting...

Do you find hunting to be wrong?  

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I'm 50/50 on hunting. Part of me is cool with it, as long as you don't make the animal suffer and you plan to eat and use all parts of the animal, never waste an animal. But, if you're doing it for a trophy, or to gloat, then I think you're a bad person. 

What's your view on hunting? I see it only being good to curb overpopulation and for eating. That's it. 

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I think hunting is fine so long as you make use of what you are hunting. If you are doing it for fun, I am against that. I believe that if you are going to take something else's life, it should be with purpose, not for a game.

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I don't like hunting at all! I am actually a vegetarian. I gave up everything but fish and eventually stopped eating that as well. I love animals too much. I can't eat them! Hunting is horrible though because for a lot of people, it is nothing but a sport. 


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