What's the longest ...

What's the longest you've been awake for?  

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I was awake for nearly two days one time. I was playing the newest Call of Duty, back in 2010 I think, and my friends and I played it for the whole weekend nearly non-stop. We were lame like that haha. But it was fun. 

What's the longest you have ever stayed up for?

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I was awake for a day, yeah exactly 24H. The reason was me and my ex had an argument. We often fall to loggerhead but that night was the biggest argument we ever had, and then, we've done and over

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One day.It was the day my grandfather was going to die, i was with him in that last precious time, that's when i wished time would stop.

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I think the longest was around 47 hours so just under 2 days. Might have been over that though, I don't remember. It was when I had stayed out with friends and had to work the next day and then went to a party that evening. I was a mess for weeks after that!


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