Do you like to dona...

Do you like to donate your old stuff?  

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I like to donate a lot of the old stuff I own. Mostly stuff I no longer use. Nothing that would be considered garbage, but mostly stuff I don't think I'd bother trying to sell. I have clothes that I could get rid of soon, along with a bunch of other items sitting around my house. I don't have much space anymore, and I know I'm due for a downsize to some of the stuff I own. Do you like to downsize your belongings sometimes? 

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Yeah, I make a point of donating twice a year. In the spring, I will donate old clothing and items I no longer wear. Then in the fall, I will get rid of other things laying around the apartment. I don't like to just pitch stuff when someone else can make use of it.

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I donate anything that can be used still or worn still. I do prefer to sell items if I can but I don't go out of my way for this unless I paid a lot for the items. I mostly only donate clothing for this reason.


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