How do timeshares w...

How do timeshares work?  

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I always hear about them in TV shows, movies, and in references to other places but I don't actually know how they work. Does anyone here own a timeshare or knows how they function? I had a friend whose older brother worked for a timeshare company and based on what he has said, they tend to scam people. 

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I believe a timeshare is like a rental, but you share it with other renters. Not at the same times, you take turns using the property. At least that's what I believe it is. 

From what I know, it is essentially where you and a group of others pay towards a property, room etc, and each of you get time to the property. So, one week you can use it for your vacation, and then when you leave someone else uses it. That's what I believe a timeshare is. 


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