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How often do you ch...

How often do you change your sheets?  

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I got into an argument over this. I believe if you enter your bed at night clean (you shower in the evening) there is no reason to change your sheets more than once a month but if you go to bed dirty and shower in the morning, you will want to clean them at least once a week. Some people say daily or every other day and then others say changing them every few months is good enough. What do you think?

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I change my sheets and bedding in general once a month. This is what I was raised to do. I will only wash clothing after wearing it 2 or 3 times as well unless it is socks or underwear. Those are one wear and then wash. Same if it is workout attire. 

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Im always take a shower in the evening so I change my sheet once a month. I wanna sleep with clean bed and I don't allow anyone coming to my bed and playing on there


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