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Is anyone here a fan of instagram? I just started an account recently and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for people to follow? I won't share my account here as I imagine it's against the rules and I don't want people to think that. 

If you have any suggestions for people to follow, I'll check them out. :)

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I haven't used Instagram in years unfortunately. I haven't even been one for social media in years to be honest. I'm more for privacy these days anyway, and social media is known for not being very private. 

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Yeah I frequent Instagram usually on a daily basis. A lot of my favorite actors/comedians have instagram, and that's how I see most of their content. :) 

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I love Instagram. I love being able to watch other people's lives and show them mine. The coolest thing is that you can subscribe to people from all over the world. And they can subscribe to you. You can share your thoughts, ideas, creativity, knowledge, and more with thousands of people. And at some point, followers become your friends and even your Instagram family. I think that Instagram is a fantastic app in the 21st century when you can communicate and share with different people from the comfort of your own home. 

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In my opinion, Instagram is much better & private than FB, actually Im using both of them but I prefer Insta. I'm usually watching some clothing stores and cosmetics stores because I think it's more trustworthy than some on FB. 


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