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Scam-baiters anyone...

Scam-baiters anyone watch them?  

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Does anyone here enjoy those shows/channels that do scam-baiting? For those who don't know what that is, it's when someone wastes the time of a phone scammers by keeping them on the line for a long time. One YouTube that comes to mind is Kitboga, who does twitch streams and even has highlight videos on YouTube. 

Do you guys know of any other scam-baiting channels?

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I will watch them from time to time. They can really go into these scammers sometimes. But be careful if you ever plan to do something like this yourself. Because it can still be risky to do. 

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I love that people do this sort of thing to combat the scammers out there. It's sick that some of these scammers willingly go after the elderly like this. Makes me sad whenever I hear stories of that. 

I know from experience, as my mom's identity was stolen by scammers and even lost a lot of money. It was a scary situation. 


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