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Is it okay for adul...

Is it okay for adults to trick or treat?  

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I got into an argument with a friend of mine who said it is okay for adults to do this. I always felt that it was okay for kids who are 14 and younger. Once you turn 15 I think it is best to stop. It is more of an event for younger kids anyways. 

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I think you are right. I would say around the same, age 14/15 should be the cut-off. I know someone who actually believes it should stop at the age of 12 which might be a fair argument in certain parts of the world where 12-year-olds are more "mature" than they should be. 

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I have no issue with it if that is what the person is into. Who am I to tell a person they are too old to dress up? I would much rather adults went out and did this than got drunk and stuff. 

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@photastic I don't think it's about dressing up. Just the idea of adults going door to door like kids asking for candy. I think 18 and below should be the only people trick or treating. But adults are free to dress up and go to parties and all that. 

The trick or treating is meant for the kids and the adults have their thing. 

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I don't think many do but those that do are often with their children. I never really thought about it. I don't see anything wrong with it unless they are drinking or causing issues for the kids who are participating.  


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