Is making music har...

Is making music hard?  

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I don't mean regular music but mixing music and making beats on a computer. I have always wanted to do it but I never actually figure out how or what to use. I would love to be able to make my own music for videos and such.

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I would not know where to begin with such a thing. I think there are free programs but you have to have a basic understanding of how they function as well as how to make music in general using mixed rhythms. 

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YouTube is a good place to search this. A friend of mine wanted to learn how to play the piano and self-taught herself watching videos on YouTube. She then wanted to learn to make short-form beats for intros and outros for videos, again learned it all on YouTube!

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I don't think making music is hard at all assuming you know what you are doing. Do you know how to read music sheets or blend different installments? 

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Making music is not so much about difficulty as it is about learning the tools. I would imagine you want to make music just using software and not any actual instruments. I suggest looking on YouTube at How To videos. 


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