What do you use you...

What do you use your phone for the most?  

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I think a lot of people these days use them mostly to browse social media sites. I am not one of these people. I mostly use it to talk and text. I will browse online now and then but I never use it to watch stuff or shop. 

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Well to call friends and family, but I mostly use it for work and keeping track of it all. Other than that I do use it to surf the web, and go on social media. 

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Social media, texting, occasionally phone calls, and just general browsing. I don't do any kind of banking on my phone nor do I shop on my phone. I don't think I ever watched a single full episode of a show or movie on my phone either.

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Well..I use it to chatting the most, with my friends, family. Also I use it for working and taking photos kk

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I think most of my time is on my phone when I'm free. I often surf through the day's news, text with friends and relatives and it is also important to my daily work.


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