What other social p...

What other social platforms are you on?  

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Excluding forums, what socials do you have?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, etc.

I used to be on all of them but I have slowly pulled back. Now I mostly just use forums like this one. I still have my reddit and youtube accounts but I seldom post. I prefer forums.

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I am on YouTube. I used to have a channel going but quit when it wasn't going anywhere. I just watch videos on there now. I did have a Reddit account but stopped using it. People on there seem unwell. I still have a Facebook account to keep in touch with family. 

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I just use forums. Social media spaces are too toxic for me. I tried to use Twitter again and just ended up stressed. Everything gets so political and people do nothing but complain and tear each other apart. How depressing! 

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I am on Twitter, just not very frequently. I go on there maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I mostly follow artists but the politics still seems to come in. So annoying. I like forums more. 

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I use Instagram from time to time. I am not really active on there like other people. I don't follow anyone. I just share pictures so my friends and family can see stuff. 

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I am on a few but I hardly use them. I mean I will read stuff and watch stuff but I hardly interact with people. I like forums too as others have mentioned. I feel like I can be myself more. 


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